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by T.M. Frazier

11037FD2-6B09-4915-825B-D6AA3F23FBE8USA Today bestselling author of the King Series, T.M. Frazier, brings you an all-new trilogy with a sexy anti-hero you’re going to love to hate, and a ballsy heroine with more up her sleeve than just tricks.

Love is supposed to be a fairy tale.
Ours is a death wish.

I’m the executioner for the Bedlam Brotherhood.
She’s a con artist working for my greatest enemy.

I use her.
She manipulates me.

We find ourselves on opposite sides of a bloody war.

My heart and head tell me I have to stay away.
My lust for her doesn’t give a sh*t.

Nothings fair in love and gang war.


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I was freakin thrilled when I heard one of my top favorite authors was writing a new series! When I say top, I mean top FIVE favorite authors. I love T.M. Frazier’s writing. Her King series is seriously addicting. Well, guess what?! PERVERSION IS LIKE CRACK TO ALL US T.M. FRAZIER FANS!!! Can’t put it down until it’s done. Big book hangover! Frantically anticipating the next book!! Thank goodness she is not making us wait long!!

It is truly done in the typical style we all have come to love and expect from T.M. Frazier. That dark, dangerous, delicious romance, suspense and along with, oh! of course! shocking us to death!!! Grim is the book boyfriend we were all hoping for. OMG…HE IS D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!! I also LOVE Tricks!! T.M. Frazier is always great at writing strong but vulnerable female characters, and that’s what Tricks is. She totally kicks a$$!! T.M. Frazier writes the most wonderful, complex characters, and to read her books and step inside the minds of these characters is truly a unique experience. Anyone who has ever read one of her books, I’m sure would agree!
It’s interesting because the story start out when Tristan (Grim) was 16 and Emma Jean (Tricks) was 12. First time they touched, there was a spark. It was a zap of sorts, almost electrical.
“She reached out and removed my arm from my chest until she freed my hand. She shook it with more force than most grown men, but that wasn’t what shocked me. It was the zap of her skin on mine. The feeling of something shattering all around me until gone. I was too young to be having a stroke, so what the fuck was that? I stared down at our connected hands in wonder. It’d been a long time since I’d spoken and even longer since I let anyone touch me. That’s all the feeling was. I shook it off, but the current still hummed between us.”
“She reached out with her free hand and grabbed my arm once again. The zap between us happened again, stronger this time, like I’d stuck a dime in a light socket. Why the fuck does she keep touching me? I wanted to peel her hand off my arm, but she was locked on like a pit bull’s jaw in a dog fight, and I couldn’t pry her off without breaking one of her fingers.”
Tristan and Emma Jean didn’t see each other again until they grew up. Both having very different lives. They eventually became Grim and Tricks. I don’t want to say too much more and ruin it for you, because this book NEEDS TO BE EXPERIENCED!!!!
This has got to be my BEST READ OF 2018 so far!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!!! I’m giving it 5 ++ Fabulous Stars!!!
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Release Blitz: Ghostgirl by JB Salsbury


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She was brainwashed into believing she could save mankind.
Now, she’s the one who needs saving.

Abandoned with his two younger brothers, Milo Vega was placed in foster care. Now a twenty-year-old high-school senior covered in gang tattoos and working as the school’s janitor, he is living a life vastly different from the one he was destined for.

When another foster joins the family, this one from the psychiatric facility, Milo’s skeptical. A rare genetic condition makes her unlike any girl he’s ever seen, and he wants nothing to do with the one he calls Ghostgirl.

Despite his reluctance, his protective instincts flare when she enrolls in school, and eventually, an unlikely friendship grows between them. When a tragic event snaps her fragilepsyche, Milo is faced with the possibility of never seeing her again.

Unless he risks it all to save her.


Ghostgirl is so unbelievably unique. I was captivated through each and every page. I can’t wait for more!”  – Harper Sloan, NYT Bestselling Author

“Milo and Mercy took my heart! Such a unique and refreshing story from JB Salsbury! Ghostgirl is now my favorite from her and one of my favorites of all time!” 
Tijan, NYT Bestselling Author

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Teaser Share: Me and Mr. Jones by Christie Ridgway

Me and Mr. Jones by Christie Ridgway is coming soon on July 17th!


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Welcome to the famed resort, The Hathaway at Dragonfly Beach, where newlyweds come to honeymoon, where anniversary couples celebrate milestones, and where broken hearts find a place to heal.

Jilted bride Audra Montgomery wants to reset her life at the famed resort, The Hathaway at Dragonfly Beach. A good girl for far too long, Audra has penned a list of must-do experiences she’s sure will change her. When the hotel’s maintenance guy, a “Mr. Jones,” knocks on her door, she wonders if the sexy handyman might just come in handy when enacting some of the spicier items on her agenda.

Kane Hathaway, general manager of the resort, didn’t set out to deceive his guest when he performed a minor repair. But it’s freeing to imagine life without the responsibilities of the family business. Then there’s the whole “Heartbreak Hotel” designation—cynical Kane doesn’t believe for a minute that a stay on site can heal the wounds left by bad romance. But every moment in Audra’s company sparkles with magic—can this be love?

Me and Mr. Jones is book two in the Heartbreak Hotel series and is a STANDALONE.