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Review: Scarlet Huntress by LeAnn Mason

Title: Scarlet Huntress
Series: Tales of Grimm Hollow Series
Author: LeAnn Mason
Publication Date: October 29, 2019



The woods have always housed my nightmares.

It’s where my grandmother was torn apart by wolves. Where, for years, I was held captive by evil shape-shifting witches. I thought it was for my Shaman abilities. I was wrong.

But their ritual failed. Instead of dying, I survived, while another’s blood stained the forest floor.

In my escape, I discovered Grimm Hollow—a place deep in the forest in which I hoped to hide. The secret town teems with magic and a Shifter who wants to help me hone my skills. But the big, bad witchy-wolf is hot on my scarlet tail, and he won’t hesitate to destroy everyone and everything to get me back—or kill me.

Hiding is no longer an option. Instead, I must become the hunter.

Bring on the big, bad wolf.

*Grimm Hollow books are loosely based on the Grimm Fairy Tales in a modern paranormal setting.*


My Review:
Scarlet goes from a victim to a strong, determined huntress. Watching her grow, along with her feelings for Hunter/Jason was fascinating and swoon inducing.

Grimm Hollow is such an interesting place with so many fascinating characters!! I am looking forward to more stories taking place there!!

LeAnn does an extraordinary, breathtaking job with world building and writing her characters. She describes enough to stir your imagination, but not so much to take that away. Her writing is phenomenal. This is definitely a favorite overall and for 2019!! I look forward to the next book in Grimm Hollow!!!


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My Review: Tales of Love and Woe: The Complete First Volume by Winter Reid

Tales of Love and Woe: The Complete First Volume

by Winter Reid

094575FF-FE02-4CFD-A9C3-A51B529E315EPut away your magic wands and pumpkins.
These are not sweet, tender fairy tales.

Four flawed heroines.
Four classic tales of love and woe retold for modern times…
Because there’s never been an easy road to happily ever after.

The Lonely Crow—Surrounded by coyotes and unexpected magic, a heartbroken ornithologist becomes the target of a park ranger’s aggressive affection. To survive, she must trust the instincts that failed her so completely once already.

Goose—After a one-night-stand leaves her belly swollen and reputation in tatters, an unemployed gas-station clerk finds herself at the mercy of her lover’s mother. But if her own troubled childhood taught her anything, it’s that she’ll fight to the death to protect her baby, and that love never comes the way we expect.

Rosie Waking—Following her father’s disappearance, a small-town waitress lives wedged under her boss’s thumb until a stranger forces her to view her life through a different lens. Can she decide, once and for all, where loyalty stops and subservience begins?

De Rege’s Laundry—When a mob boss’s desperate daughter makes a deal with the devil, she doesn’t expect a handsome ex-soldier to muck it all up. Suddenly, the woman who’d sworn to sacrifice anything for freedom must choose between escape and losing the one person who cares about her happiness.

Beautiful and atmospheric, Tales of Love & Woe is 110k word collection exploring modern womanhood through twisted retellings of The Little Mermaid, The Golden Goose and The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg, Snow White & Rose Red, and The Twelve Dancing Princesses. While love and kindness are major themes in these stories, the darker sides of human nature are, too. As such, this collection is intended only for a mature audience. After all … fairy tales were meant to be grim.






Oh, I am SOOO IN LOVE with this book!! I have even ordered the paperback so I can hug it and stare at it and hug it again….you get my drift. Not to mention that I am going to want to reread this collection of four fairy tale retellings over and over!!

“Put away your magic wands and pumpkins.
These are not sweet, tender fairy tales.

Four flawed heroines.
Four classic tales of love and woe retold for modern times…
Because there’s never been an easy road to happily ever after.”

This was from the summary of the book. Perfectly said. These are not sweet, tender fairy tales. There’s never been an easy road to happily ever after. But that doesn’t mean these fair tales are completely depressing. Like the title, they’re tales of love and woe.

But Winter Reid….can I just say, WOW!!! This is one seriously talented author!!! People, I’m not just saying this!! I want to take her home and make her tuck me in and tell me a story every night when I go to bed!! Her characters are SO RICH and VIBRANT!!! All of them!!! There is SO MUCH to these characters and their lives, their thoughts, what they do, and their motives!! Holy Guacamole, it’s a freakin beautiful thing!!! Her worlds are the same way!! I can picture the scene laid out before me. I’m lost in the story…it’s wonderful!! Then…it’s over….and I’m in a freakin book hangover and I haven’t even finished the book!!! Just ONE of the fairy tales!! This happened to me after each of the FOUR fairy tales!!! I thought I was I was going to die, but I loved it!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book!!!! I would give it 10++ Stars, if there were such a rating!!! I VERY HIGHLY recommended this to ALL!!!!!



Winter Reid

55A61FF2-6C97-47D2-BF51-B8ED1F2FA1C6Winter began writing ten years ago after a dream about a chance encounter in a stable became a novel about two young people falling in love in the Roaring Twenties. After all this time, there is nothing she likes better than a good romance.

She lives in a hot, swampy part of the New South—a perfect place for drinking pecan bourbon over ice and getting lost in a good story…


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Release Blitz: Red and The Wolves by Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley

Title: Red and the Wolves

Series: Dark Fantasy #2

Authors: Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley

Genre: Dark Reverse Harem Romance
Release Date: April 17, 2018
A Dark Reverse Harem Romance from USAT Bestselling
Authors Zoe Blake & Alta Hensley
This is no fairytale…
As the Blood Moon rises, I’ve been chosen.
Chosen to serve, to obey…to die…for no one
survives their time with the Wolves.
As I am dressed in the ceremonial Red Hood,
all I can think of is escape.
But there is no escape.
The lives of my village depend on my
submission to the accursed Wolves.
There are five of them.
Five men cursed to live as Wolves.
Cursed for generations, forced to protect my
village from the dark forces.
But they demand a heavy price for their
protection. Me.
Five against one…against me alone.
My only hope for survival is to tame the
wolves…but submission is not in my nature.


Warning: In our Fairytales, there is danger in
the shadows, the beasts bite and no Heroine is truly safe. If dark tales of
danger, forced attraction and multiple partners offend you then please do not
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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Before you read the next paragraph, keep in mind that I gave this book a 4/5 star rating. So be sure to continue on to the last paragraph.

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I like dark romance. But this was a bit much for me. This was a dark fairytale, very erotic, dirty and sexy. These five wolves/men forced Red into submission through sex, through punishment and humiliation. I guess it’s the way it would be done in the animal world. But the whole 145 pages was pretty much sex! There was the darkness that wolves had to fight, and the villagers who were basically not nice to Red. It just really wasn’t my kind of book at all. 

BUT after saying all that. It was well written for the kind of book it was. I can’t really give a book a bad rating just because it didn’t fit my style of reading, that wouldn’t be fair to the authors. If this kind of book is right up your alley, then I recommend it. It’s short, but a well written story. And I really liked the ending!

Also Available
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Coming Soon
Releasing May 8, 2018
Zoe Blake
USA TODAY Bestselling Author in Dark Romance.

We are all
attracted to the forbidden. Addicted to the rush we get from reading something
naughty…something kinky. We love to lose ourselves in the fantasy. The
powerful lord who sweeps the lady away to his remote estate to ravish her. The
cowboy who takes the sassy city girl over his knee to teach her a lesson. The
devilishly charming pirate who seduces his beautiful captive.

She writes
those dark fantasies.


Alta Hensley
USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Hot, Dark and
Dirty Romance.

She is also
an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Being a multi-published author in the
romance genre, Alta is known for her dark, gritty alpha heroes, sometimes sweet
love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle
between dominance and submission.