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The Secret by Christie Ridgway

#IMG_2118This is the first book I’ve read by Christie Ridgway, but it definitely will not be the last. The Secret was all kinds of sweetness, sexiness and a very emotional read.

I fell in love with all the central characters as they came on the scene. Charlotte “Charlie” is the butler for the Archer household. She keeps everything running smoothly, including taking care of six-year-old Wells Archer. Wells is adorable and so well behaved, and he adores Charlie. Ethan Archer is Well’s father. Ethan works a lot and is away a lot, so having Charlie is a necessity. But one thing is certain, Ethan adores his son. Ethan’s wife, and Well’s mother, died four years earlier. Ethan hasn’t moved on, or started dating since. His boss has been really leaning on him, pushing him to date. This is when Ethan begins to notice Charlie. He’s always liked Charlie, and appreciated her. But has he always noticed how gorgeous she was?

Charlie has a hard time. She has had a crush on her boss, Ethan, for a while. But, Charlie knows it wouldn’t be right to act on that. It wouldn’t be professional, it would be against everything she learned at the Continental Butler School. But slowly she breaks down and I love the flirting that goes on between the two. And of course their first priority is Wells and so they are very careful about that.

The thing I kept finding hard to accept was that Ethan said he already had the love of his life, and he could never have that again. He didn’t believe there was room in his heart to love anyone else, because the love for his dead wife and his son were filling his heart. But he wanted her to marry her, as a marriage of convenience. He was extremely attracted to her and cared about her, it was the love word…he couldn’t do that. But she was ok with that. I was like…WHAT!!!

But, don’t let that discourage you folks. This is a HEA and I absolutely loved the ending!!! This was such a sweet book with really great characters!! If you love a good romance, I bet you’ll love this one!!

~Thanks to the author for providing a copy of this book via L Woods PR in exchange for my honest thoughts.