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Review: Last To Love (Moonlight Rogues 4) by Alexa Whitewolf

Title: Last To Love (Moonlight Rogues #4)
Author: Alexa Whitewolf
Series: Moonlight Rogues
Publication Date: December 31, 2019



He’s the last one standing… So they sent the best one to break him.


Love is for fools. I left all that wuss shit behind, and no fairy-like, smiling godmother will change my mind. I’ve got enough on my mind with a beta pushing my buttons and a town to keep safe. Never mind these urges inside me surfacing again, when I thought I’d buried them for good. ​

My wolves are falling in amore like bowling pins, and no amount of reasoning will make them stop.

Now the third one’s gone over the moon, and they all expect me to be the last to love.​

Only, they’ve got another thing coming.

‘Cause the only way I’m falling in love?

Is over my dead body.​


One more job, they said. One tiny thing I have to do, to bring the prodigal son back home in the warm arms of his beloved family. They said it would be easy. They gave me all the tools.

But the minute I’m facing Lucas, I know all those plans have just failed. Burned, thrown out the window, type of failed. A​nd I fully expect he’ll throw me out on my ass.

So why is it he’s suddenly more interested in getting me in bed, rather than exiled? And what happens when I fall for it, but it’s too late to stop the events I’ve set into motion? ​

*Book IV in a paranormal shifter series filled with werewolves of all kinds, feisty females who stand up to them, and enough suspense to make it interesting. Can be read as a standalone for the romance, but for a better experience it’s suggested you read the full series first.*



Last To Love was SO MUCH MORE than I expected! When it ended I wanted to just sit and start the series all over again!!

This is one of those stories that you can’t get enough of. These characters are totally made for each other. Their story is one of those that absorbs you, has your heart tingling and you become obsessed with them. Actually it’s the same for each book in this series.

Lucas, who is the main character in this book, has always been my favorite of the wolves. Although I do love them all! He is a STRONG Alpha, and comes from so much turmoil in his past that he has never come to terms with, and he has started losing control gradually through the series. Well in his story it is time for him to face the past. ALL THE FEELS FOR EVERYTHING HE GOES THROUGH!!!!!

Monica is from Lucas’ fathers pack, although she wants out. She is a fiery woman and when she and Lucas come together, it is HOT!!! I came to really like Monica as her story is told. She is drawn to the pack, especially Lucas, and she wants the kind of pack relationship that they have. Lucas’ father sent her there to bring Lucas home. But she doesn’t realize his true intentions until it’s too late.

This book wrapped up the series so perfectly. This is definitely a favorite series for me!! It’s a different kind of werewolf story, with more than just werewolves too! Read the series, especially if you enjoy a really good paranormal romance with lots of action and mythology. Be sure to start with Moonlight Rogues: Origins, it is a novella that introduces each wolf and where they come from, geographically and their tumultuous past.