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My Review: Second To Surrender by Alexa Whitewolf

Second To Surrender

(Moonlight Rogues Book 2)

by Alexa Whitewolf

B9203E66-32D9-4678-A3A2-D0B9DD1BB655He fought for freedom and survived…

During his time in the military, Tristan Cayne has seen more than some do in an entire lifetime. Part of a special ops team tasked with hunting down creatures of the night, he spent his days tracking them, and his nights fighting them.….but not without demons that followed him back home.Back to the mainland, he moves to Rockland Creek, hoping for peace and quiet. Love isn’t in the cards, especially not after his last failed relationship. His wishes are answered, if only for a little while. Then his pack member Dominic turns out to be in charge of the same creatures Tristan spent months fighting. And those demons he thought were only in his nightmares? Well, they’re about to get pretty damn real.

In the midst of his struggle to cope, Daniela Da Silva calls for help, and Tristan has no choice but to answer. History ties them together with bonds thicker than blood, but more unsteady than ever. Because Dani’s not in town just for kicks. She’s hiding, and seeking protection…

The war that was brewing is at their doorstep…

Allies and enemies collide in this second installment, as the stakes grow higher every day. Dani’s hiding secrets, but will they harm the pack or help them? And while Tristan’s fighting for her protection, will he be able to defeat the demons prowling in his nightmares, robbing him of sleep?

…and no one is safe.

As Tristan fights the ultimate battle for his sanity, he also navigates the ever-murky waters of a new relationship. Destined to be together, or to fail? Only he and Dani can tell – that’s if they overcome the fear of losing each other. Their romance wasn’t written in the stars, and it sure as hell isn’t a fairytale. Then again, that’s what makes it worth it.

Stuck between a rival’s pack internal conflicts, a dragon wandering about like he owns the town, and the rest of the psychotic Da Silva family out to get them could just turn out to be the easy part. Fighting their connection, seeing if it’ll lead somewhere other than chemistry and a goold old roll in the hay? That’s another story all together.

Real or fake, truth or lie, the stakes are high. Tristan and Dani will have to trust each other and navigate the stormy seas together, or else risk being torn apart – forever.

*Book II in a new series of sizzling werewolves, forgotten folklore and untamed legends.*

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I am absolutely blown away by everything I read by Alexa Whitewolf! But, loving Werewolves, I was especially in love with First To Fall (Moonlight Rogues #1). Whenever I got a hold of book 2, Second To Surrender, i was so freaking excited!! Well, oh my goodness, THIS BOOK DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!! This one was as good, if not better, than the first!!!! I love them both SO MUCH!!!

There’s a wonderful romance going on, thats very important, between Tristan and Dani (be still my beating heart). But there’s SO MUCH MORE!!! First of all there’s Witches and Dragons….FREAKING WOW!!! There is so many twists and turns, secrets, and tons of action (nail biting action)!!!

This is a wonderful paranormal romance, that I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! It deserves all the stars in the World!!! Read it!!!

If you haven’t yet started the Moonlight Rogues Series, you can start now with First To Fall!

1E663687-8B9C-456E-B405-5583F84883FA Goodreads | Amazon | Universal Codes Payhip

He was given a new life, a new choice, a new path…

Once upon a time, Dominic Kosta didn’t have a last name. In fact, he had nothing growing up in a secluded orphanage in the mountains of Transylvania. Then an American couple adopted him, and life changed. He left behind the old
legends, the myths, the hunger within him.

He threw it all behind, choosing seclusion and a little town….

Rockland Creek may be a hole in the middle of nowhere, but Dom’s happy there. Life has its perks between fixing cars and seducing women. And best of all? There are no rules, other than Lucas’. Then Lucrezia San Marco walks in, and draws him in like a moth to a flame. Only, she only has eyes for Lucas, his boss – and alpha of the pack.

…filled with werewolves.

There’s nothing normal about Rockland Creek – or Dominic’s existence there. But things are about to get worse, and not just because he sees the girl he loves slipping through his fingers.

A war is brewing, eclipsing their romance and dragging old ghosts into town…

As Dominic navigates the murky waters of romance and obedience to his leader, his feelings for Lucrezia can no longer be tamed. But not everyone supports their relationship – and the Reapers have a word or two to say against it. As does Lucrezia’s ex, and the demons he brings with him.

Fire and ice, cold and hot, wolf and human. Dom and Luz will have to combine their differences and learn to compromise, or risk being torn apart by the wave of change unfurling onto Rockland Creek.

Book I in a new series of sizzling werewolves, forgotten folklore and untamed legends.



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