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My Review & Book Release: Just Me, Wrigley by Savy Leiser


Just Me, Wrigley (Furever Home Friends #3)
Written & Illustrated by Savy Leiser

Wrigley loves to dance! She can shake her tail all over the animal shelter. But for some people, Wrigley’s rhythm isn’t enough.

Wrigley is a mutt; nobody knows what breed she is. When people come to the shelter looking for Dalmatians and labs and schnauzers, Wrigley wonders when it will be her turn.

Can Wrigley find the confidence to accept her mixed-breed identity and dance her way into a forever home?


Just Me, Wrigley is the third book in the Furever Home Friends Series. I’ve had the privilege of being able to read and review them all. As a dog lover, owner, trainer and rescue advocate I absolutely love what Savy does with these dogs, and their stories! Not to mention, I adore how she uses these dog’s stories to teach children valuable lessons! It’s done beautifully! These books can be used for parents to read and discuss the questions at the end to get their children to open up about some very important feelings children deal with today. The books could be in the library, a lot of libraries now have a children’s reading time and this would be a wonderful book to read and discuss the questions with the children. My library has a dog that comes to one of the children’s reading hours, once a week. So I’m donating the first two books for that, and I will definitely be adding this one!
Wrigley the dancing dog becomes insecure about who he is. He feels he needs to be like the other dogs, the lab or the schnauzer, to be adopted. But in the end he learns that it’s by being true to himself, it’s then that someone notices him and wants to give him a forever home. It’s a beautiful, touching story. By the end you want a Wrigley of your own!!
Now, I HAVE to mention the artwork!!! It was so creative and well done!! It was fun and would definitely entertain those young brains, that are so creative and notice all the detail. I kept noticing certain pictures that I thought would really look nice framed. Savy Leiser did all the art work herself and this is the first book she’s illustrated. She’s a very talented lady. Savy, I’d suggest some of these as prints for sale, or bookmarks….or something!! They’re beautiful!!
This is definitely a quality children’s book. I highly recommended it and give it all the stars I can!!!!

Savy Leiser Head ShotsAbout the Author
Savy Leiser is a Chicago author with a strong passion for storytelling and an itching need to correct people’s grammar. In February 2016, Savy released her first book, a young-adult comedy called The Making of a Small-Town Beauty King. Her new children’s book series, The Furever Home Friends, was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and is now available to buy! The next Furever Home Friends book will release August 11, 2018. Her newest book, a new-adult novel called Sculpt Yourself, will be releasing in fall 2018 through Represent Publishing.

Savy also works as a writer for Halftime Magazine and teaches creative writing workshops at Open Books in Chicago’s West Loop. She holds a B.A. in Communication and a certificate in Creative Writing for Media from Northwestern University. Go ‘Cats!

Savy is currently working on earning her Master’s in Writing & Publishing at DePaul University.

Savy has a serious, incurable case of dog fever, which causes her to melt whenever she sees a cute dog. Fortunately, Chewie helps keep her dog fever in check. Her hobbies include screaming at Wildcats football games, marathoning Star Trek, impulsively getting tattoos, eating donuts instead of balanced meals, writing bad love poetry, doing weird photography of dolls, and listening to 80s one-hit wonders.

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