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Cover & Preorder Reveal: Fragmentary by LeAnn Mason


LeAnn Mason is releasing the 2nd book in her Minefield Enforcers series SEPTEMBER 14TH!




A once shunned telepath. An elite team of enforcers. And light at the end of the tunnel… IF they catch a murderer. 


Months after successfully capturing the illusionist who’d treated their town like his own personal movie reel, things for Nathalee and her elite team have only improved. She’s got a boyfriend who adores her and a team where she’s seen as an asset. Topping it off is the possibility of leaving Minefield behind once and for all.

But with enforcer training, self-centered councilmen and a murderer on the loose, Nat’s new comfort unravels faster than she thought possible. Each day brings a new fissure. Pain, prejudice and disillusionment threaten to shatter the team. If the team falls apart, Enhanced will never see freedom.

Nat can’t afford to fall apart.


Start training for the Enforcers today with Book 1- Illusionary: