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Review of FIVE WEEKS by Dannika Dark

“The thing about second chances is there’s more to prove the second time around, and more to lose. You fuck it up, and it can never be fixed.”


I love Jericho’s story. It’s been a little while since reading the first two books, but I remember when reading them that in the background Jericho always seemed to be pretty messed up. I figured it was the rock star thing. Little did I know that in his past was a feisty red shifter named Izzy (Isabelle), and he had never gotten over her. There had been misunderstandings, miscommunications and underneath it all there was love that had never been declared, never been acted upon. Just hearts broken and live’s changed, and they hadn’t seen each other since.

What’s so cool is the people couldn’t get it right, but the wolves never stopped loving each other.

This is such a beautiful, emotional, powerful love story. My favorite one in the series so far. Also the pack dynamic, as in the first two books, is so well written. Dannika Dark sure does know her way around the paranormal world, and I just love every word she writes!! I lap it right up.


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