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Review: REBEL HEIR by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

3018B882-A85D-46BB-A80C-FB05BCE6D341REBEL HEIR by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

I love to read ANYTHING Penelope Ward or Vi Keeland writes. But there’s something really special about the books they have started writing together. Their voices flow as one, but so beautifully that they end up with a masterpiece. Rebel Heir is their best masterpiece yet!!

Both Penelope and Vi are great at writing awesome characters. Well, Rush and Gia are two AMAZING book characters!! I am SO in love with them!! They are both complex, but come across to people completely differently. While Gia is just Miss Bucket Full of Sunshine when she walks in a door, Rush is Mr. Don’t Look at Me or I’ll Blow A Gasket when he walks in a door. But Gia’s sunshine is just what Rush needs and Rush’s….well RUSH is what Gia needs!!
I love complex characters, and Rush is a complex character! He has many layers that need peeling back. Gia is just the girl to do it, as much as Rush fights the process.


This book is a definite page-turner, and it ends with you wanting book two in this duet ASAP!! Good news is, our girls Penelope and Vi are quick to satisfy and will be releasing book 2 of the Rush series, Rebel Heart, on May 22, 2018!
So if you haven’t read Rebel Heir, READ IT NOW!! Don’t miss this amazing start to this duet!!

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