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My Review: The Wrong Kind Of Love by Lexi Ryan

BDB1BD90-CE98-45D0-875F-8392C3892857From New York Times bestseller Lexi Ryan comes a sexy new romance novel about a runaway bride, a single dad who’s sworn off love, and the kind of family secrets that can threaten to break even the deepest bonds.

You never forget your wedding day. Or the moment your twin sister pukes on your bouquet and confesses she’s pregnant . . . with your fiancé’s baby.

I wanted to get away, to hide until my heart mended. I found myself in a strange town with a mysterious stranger whose talented mouth and hands almost made me forget it was supposed to be my wedding night.

Afraid to go home to face my broken life, I pretend to be my twin so I can take her job in Jackson Harbor caring for a six-year-old girl. Imagine my surprise when I find out my new boss is my mysterious stranger—Dr. Ethan Jackson.

I never meant for Ethan to discover my secrets. I never meant for them to matter. But the longer I work with him and his sweet daughter, the harder I fall, and the clearer it becomes that I’m not the only one carrying a secret that could tear us apart.

Get ready to fall for the boys of Jackson Harbor in Lexi Ryan’s sexy new contemporary romance series. These books can all be read as standalones, but you’ll enjoy reading them as a series!




Love born in a lie is the wrong kind of love.

This is is definitely one of those “feel all the feels” books!! So good!! In fact, this is going in my favorites of 2018 folder! Now, I have never been one of those reviewers who rewrites the whole summary…so unnecessary. Instead, I think it’s more important to let you know how this book affected me.

Well, the characters in the book were written extremely well. It was so easy to get caught up in the moment of how the character was feeling. Whether it was Nic (Nicole) feeling traumatized by being betrayed by her sister and fiancé, or Ethan feeling swept away by his attraction to her from the moment he first saw her. I felt in tune to each and every one on the character’s emotions. I love that! Fabulously written characters!

The physical attraction between the two of them was instant, but the falling in love took some time to get to know each other. Beautifully done! But the two characters had so much baggage that it made nothing easy. They had to work for this relationship.

Lilly, Ethan’s daughter. She was a sweet character. Seeing her relationship with her father was endearing, he was so dedicated to being a good father. She adored him. But she also adores her grandmother, Ethan’s mother, Kathleen. She’s loved and spoiled by all her Uncles and her Aunt Shayleigh or Shay.

Ethan’s large family are wonderful! I’m in love with them already, and I can’t wait to read all their stories! It’s nice because we get a little peak at who they all are in this book. I’m wondering who the next book will be about!!  Oh. My. Goodness. Lexi has put up the next two books (without covers) on Goodreads! Keep your eye out for the next books from The Boys of Jackson Harbor.

Straight Up Love, Jake’s story, releases in May, and Dirty Reckless Love, Levi’s story, releases in August!!!!!!!

The Wrong Kind Of Love is a MUST READ!! Put it on your TBR NOW!! You WON’T want to miss it!!

Here’s the playlist this author chose for the book:

“Bad at Love” by Halsey
“Use Me” by The Goo Goo Dolls
“New Rules” by Dua Lipa
“Something I Can Never Have” by Nine Inch Nails
“Stay” by Zedd feat. Alessia Cara
“1-800-273-8255” by Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid
“I Like Me Better” by Lauv
“One More Light” by Linkin Park
“Let You Down” by NF
“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran



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