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Become a Tour Host. The Blogger Behind The Author.

Looking for ARCs? For more to blog about? Become a Tour Host!

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There’s many more Blog Tours out there. Plus there’s NetGalley. Just don’t do as I did when I first started getting arcs, or what so many other bloggers have also said they too made the mistake of. Don’t get yourself overloaded with arcs. Believe me, the offers won’t stop coming. Pace yourself, or you’ll get yourself overwhelmed and maybe not even able to finish them all, which isn’t the best thing for your rep as a blogger. A good blogger finishes his/her arcs on time, puts up reviews/Blitzes/blog Tours/etc on time. And we want to build a good reputation as a good blogger, right?!

Anyway…the important thing is that OUR JOB AS A BLOGGER IS TO SUPPORT THE AUTHORS!!!  We help them get the word out, help spread the news about their new release and VERY IMPORTANTLY...we post reviews, so that people have an idea as to whether they may like the book or not. Just like you and I, they look down at the reviews to see what people thought of the book before deciding to buy it. SO OUR REVIEWS ON GOODREADS, AMAZON and other major retailers ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for the book’s sale…therefore the author’s work gets into the reader’s hands, plus they make a little something towards supporting themselves. Therefore now the author can afford to continue on with another book! So, do you see how important it is that we, as bloggers, make sure to HAVE THEIR BACKS….BY DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN TO MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE!!! I don’t know about you, but when I see that book become successful THAT’S ALL THE INCENTIVE I NEED TO KEEP GOING!!!