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Enamor by Veronica Larsen


I’ve read one Veronica Larsen book before this (The Edge Of Us), and I fell IN LOVE with her writing. Now, reading another book, I just sit here in a bit of a book haze. How does she write characters the way she does?! I need to read another Veronica Larsen book ASAP!!!

This is an enemies to friends to lovers story, between Giles and Julia. They end up as roommates in a house with Giles’ cousin Ava.

Julia is a very interesting character. She has been through something tragic and is estranged from her family. She has insecurities from life and she is not a very happy person.

Giles, now he’s the kind of character that I LOVE how Veronica Larsen can write!! He has layers. You don’t even realize it at first. He’s very complex and there are lots of layers to peel back. Will Julia be just the girl to do it, or will she be too caught up with all her own problems and insecurities?

This book is SO GOOD!!! I really loved it!! It has, flirting, puking, pranks, secrets, friendship, romance, heat, sexiness, dancing and a little leopard. I think you should read it to see what I mean!!!

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