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Almost Everything by Christie Ridgway


Layla Parker travels to Crescent Cove to meet the soldier who tried to save her father in battle. Her dad’s final request was for her to enjoy a month of sun, sand, and fun along with the handsome combat medic, Vance Smith. Despite her sadness, she’s determined to follow through.

Vance is flummoxed when he meets the full-grown daughter of his fallen officer. He’d expected a little girl. But a promise is a promise, and it gets harder by the day to resist the charms of the beautiful woman who threatens the safety of his scarred heart. But he’s honor-bound not to touch her…right? Except there’s the beautiful beach and the beautiful woman and the promise of a beautiful future…all a man could want if only he chose to risk everything.



“Love didn’t force the two of us together, Layla. The two of us together create the love.”

Vince is a Combat Medic and he made a promise to his dying Colonel that he would help his daughter have an amazing summer at Beach House # 9 in Crescent Cove. He’s determined to fulfill that promise.

After her father is killed in Afghanistan, Layla Parker has come to Crescent Cove to complete a bucket list of things he always wanted to do with her and that he always carried with him in his helmet (his helmet list).

Vince and his family are estranged. He and his brother had a major falling out. His father won’t allow him to have anything to do with the family business. When Vince goes off to Afghanistan, he only send his family an email to let them know he went. No personal goodbyes, he does not keep in touch regularly, he cuts them off from his life. Except for his one cousin, Baxter, who he’s very close to.

So this is more than just a romance, but a healing of hearts! A healing of Layla’s hearts, Vince’s heart, and his family’s too. This was a beautiful story!!!!! There was a side romance between Vince’s cousin, Baxter and Addison. I thought at first that I wouldn’t be interested, and got irritated because it was interrupting Vince and Layla’s story. But the story of Baxter and Addy grew on me. There was a healing of hearts there too.

I really loved this book!!! I’m not surprised when it’s written by one of my go to authors. This Always Series has been SO special!!! Beach House #9 truly is magical!! I am really looking forward to the next one, Almost Paradise!!! If you enjoy really good romance, with so much depth to it, then I highly recommend this book and this whole series to you! They can be read as standalones, but are much nicer read as a series.

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